Small business banking customers and the middle child syndrome

What do small business banking customers and middle children have in common, you ask? In a word: overlooked. With corporate banking customers getting the white-glove service, and retail customers getting the latest cool gadgets, small business banking customers often get forgotten. Which hardly seems fair, considering that small and medium-sized business customers (SMBs) represent a big portion of banking revenue pools,…

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Sensibill and Scotiabank take home the 2017 Best of FinXTech Award

It was a big weekend for Sensibill and our partner bank, Scotiabank, at the FinXTech Summit in New York! The summit, hosted by at NASDAQ, held its 2nd annual Best of FinXTech Awards, highlighting collaborative efforts between banks and fintech companies working together in a successful partnership. Alongside USAA + Nuance, and Green Dot + Uber, Sensibill + Scotiabank…

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Our CTO Jamie Alexander on key lessons for startups working with market giants [Interview]

Key Lessons for Tiny Startups in a Market Full of Giants: Key Lessons for Tiny Startups in a Market Full of Giants”

Originally published on Silicon ANGLE, by Nelson Williams  20-03-2017

“Every business starts somewhere, even under the dark shade of industry giants. Sensibill Inc. is one such startup, offering business-level billing and receipt management services for banks.

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Tech startups aren’t just a bunch of brogrammers, I swear

I remember my interview with Izabella – my now-boss – vividly. I was all worked up about interviewing for a tech startup with absolutely no tech background. All the hearsay and anecdotes about “brogrammer” culture that preceded my interview didn’t help, either. Nerves and Red Bull had me spitting out, “So is the bro culture…

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Sensibill – Redefining Digital Receipts for FIs [PODCAST]

“This Payments on Fire podcast looks at Sensibill, a digital receipting and data repository service for FIs. Join Glenbrook’s George Peabody and Sensibill’s CEO and co-founder Corey Gross in this discussion of how an FI can help its accountholders turn digital receipts into data far more useful than what’s on a statement or that piece of paper stuffed into a purse or wallet.”

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