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Sensibill wins Best of Show at Finovate Fall 2017

We’re proud to announce that Sensibill’s demonstration of the brand new +Pulse tool won the Best of Show Award at Finovate Fall 2017! What is […]

Grappling with GAFA: The Need for a Data Revolution in Financial Services

“It is imperative that banks consider mobile enhancements in tandem with personalization efforts. Singularly pursuing a clean digital experience would be missing the point entirely.” […]

Grappling with GAFA: The Need for a Data Revolution in Financial Services

A digital experience without personalization is missing the point.  Bank executives have a dilemma: while 64% of them want to extend their relationship with their […]

FinXTech commends Sensibill and Scotiabank on their award-winning eReceipts partnership

FinXTech showcases 10 case studies, focusing on examples of successful innovation between banks and financial technology companies. Sensibill and Scotiabank’s collaboration in deploying eReceipts earned us the Best of […]

Major UK bank launches digital receipts solution to retain small business banking customers

Download our case study 47% of small business banking customers say they would switch banks if better mobile services were offered elsewhere. Executive Summary  This case […]

Small business banking customers and the middle child syndrome

What do small business banking customers and middle children have in common, you ask? In a word: overlooked. With corporate banking customers getting the white-glove service, and retail […]

Sensibill + Scotiabank take home the 2017 Best of FinXTech Award

It was a big weekend for Sensibill and our partner bank, Scotiabank, at the FinXTech Summit in New York! The summit, hosted by at NASDAQ, held its 2nd […]

We’re looking for beta testers for our P2P payments app!

What we’re trying to do: Sensibill wants to deliver a hassle-free, P2P payments solution to make splitting expenses and bills painless. But we need your help first! Before […]

Our CTO Jamie Alexander on key lessons for startups working with market giants [Interview]

“Key Lessons for Tiny Startups in a Market Full of Giants” Originally published on Silicon ANGLE, by Nelson Williams  20-03-2017 “Every business starts somewhere, even under the […]

Tech startups aren’t just a bunch of brogrammers, I swear

I remember my interview with Izabella – my now-boss – vividly. I was all worked up about interviewing for a tech startup with absolutely no […]