Sensibill celebrates 6 years!

On May 8, 2019, Sensibill employees, investors, and friends of the company came together to celebrate six years of Sensibill! Sensibill HQ transformed into a red carpet affair with movie-themed food, drinks, and games… And karaoke. Because we’ll make karaoke work with any theme.

Test your knowledge…

A highlight of the evening was a spirited game of Sensibill Trivia, with the opportunity to win prizes ranging from gift cards to an extra vacation day. Think you could compete? Try your hand at some of the questions:

1. When was our first #Responsibill volunteer day at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health?

February 8th

2. What movie was the meeting room Chopper inspired by?


3. What award did Sensibill win at the Tech in Motion Awards in 2018?

Best Tech Workplace for Diversity

4. According to the data, what are Sensibillians’ favourite snacks?

Pepperoni sticks or Brookside Chocolates

5. And most importantly… what is Omar’s cat’s name?


Scenes from Sensibill HQ

It’s been a busy year and I’m proud of what the team has accomplished… and hey, the number of years we’ve been in business is now tied with the number of championships Michael Jordan has won. I’m looking forward to having him beat next year.

Corey Gross, Co-founder and CEO

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P.S. Want further proof that we know how to throw a party? Throwback to last year’s 5th birthday bash.